Creating value by valuing difference

Differences and similarities between people, cultures, organisations and nations are difficult, if not impossible, to quantify. We may never know why we like, or dislike, others, their behaviour or policies. Was the synergy and success, or miscommunication and failure, a result of gender, cross-cultural or generational difference, ethnicity, or personality? Or any one of the dozens of subtle, often invisible, differences that exist between people & cultures?

At global tmc international, we follow the Creating Value by Valuing Difference approach to valuing difference and making sense of the world we live and work in. To concentrate on only one, or a few, of the many possible differences between people, teams, or in cross-border interaction is non-productive and misleading. We make no distinction therefore between intercultural and diversity management, holding as key principle that these are one and the same.

When, through self-knowledge, insight and practice we are able to recognise and respect difference in ourselves and others, and adapt our own behaviour to be effective in communicating across these differences, personal and professional success is greatly enhanced.

Creating cultural synergy in a global world