Creating Value by Valuing Difference


Global tmc international believes a disproportionate amount of time is being spent on labelling difference between people, cultures and organisations.  The approach followed by global tmc international is to focus on improved self-awareness and cultural sensitivity, resulting in enhanced recognition and appreciation of difference, and a resultant improvement in communication.


In doing this we make use of the Culture in the Workplace questionnaire designed by ITAP International, which allows managers to assess their strengths and attitudes in cross-border interaction based on the models of Geert Hofstede. We also recommend the ALTI personality type indicator designed by Alert Management Consultants, a European adaptation of the highly regarded Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). By using a combination of these and other assessment tools, participants are able to identify their own cultural and personal preferences and adapt their preferred communication style to the exigencies and needs of the situation, team or interaction.


Today’s managers are called upon to adapt (with increasing speed) to new trans-personal, -regional, -functional and -national situations, often on a daily basis. By equipping our clients with the tools and techniques they need in order to recognise and adapt to the constantly changing requirements of Millennium Three business, we move away from ‘stop-gap’ measures and towards holistic solutions that allow opportunities to be leveraged and creativity to be unleashed.


Success is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.