Many firms today already employ all the talent -- and have access to all the innovation -- they will ever need. Through a complex and often invisible and unconscious system of barriers, and bias for certain behaviours and characteristics, only a limited number of people will ever get ahead in most companies. Therefore, even though a global company, or smaller enterprise, may employ a very diverse group of people, most of these employees remain disengaged. The value of this diversity to the organisation is almost completely lost.

Countless studies make the link between employee engagement and motivation and contribution. If an employee does not feel valued, they will also not feel encouraged to contribute ideas and innovation, and will feel no involvement or commitment to the firm's success.

Global tmc international's unique approach to stimulating, fostering and improving employee engagement is based on global best practices and experience with a wide range of global clients including top multinationals as well as ngo/governmental organisations.

Global tmc international is a long-time Member of the European Institute for Managing Diversity, and is proud of its diversity training and coaching programs to facilitate inclusion of difference, be it through age, culture, gender, ethnicity, language, religion, differences in ability or other factors in the global business environment.