A Career in Your Suitcase
The need to continually adapt and adjust personal and professional skills, focus and aspirations is not just a lifestyle issue, but one of marketplace survival.

Assessment and Selection Criteria for Expats
Are you being left behind?

Assignment Due Diligence
What are you looking for on the pre-assignment visit?

Brave New World
The best man for the job may just be a woman

Career & Family-Surviving the Juggling Act
It’s not impossible, it just looks that way

Career in Your Suitcase

Career Strategies for International Women
Keeping the reins of your career firmly in your own hands

Cultural Due Diligence - Why Mergers Fail
Now more than ever cultural fit is crucial to business success

Cultural Due Diligence - Accepting the Truth
Always tell the truth – and leave immediately afterwards

Cross-cultural Differences
Whose Europe is it, anyway?

Defining the Success of an Expatriate Assignment
Quantifiable (and attainable) goals should be an integral part of every overseas assignment.

Dual Careers in the 21st Century
Help is on the way

Forget the Myths

For Women Only - A Girl's Guide to Thailand
Thailand, the friendly and affordable vacation paradise

The Glass Ceiling in the Netherlands - the Dutch Paradox
Why it is so hard to understand the lack of women in senior management in the Netherlands

The Glass Ceiling in the Netherlands - Looking for Solutions
Help may be on the way

Good Expat Packages

Going Where You're Not Wanted
When the local office thinks you’re overpaid – and over here

Making an Impact
What should you be trying to achieve overseas?

Networking Nomads
Have laptop, will travel – the world on the road

The New Expatriates
New requirements require new expatriates

Northern Reflections
You can take the girl out of the north….

Promoting Democracy Through Education Initiatives

Sexual Harassment in the European Workplace
EU takes serious steps to battle harassment

Tempus Fugit
Why are you always late?

The Third Culture Kid Experience
TCKs and their parallel universe

When Abroad Do as the Local Children Do
Expat parents, don’t leave home without this book.

Women in Leadership Summit
Inspiring, innovating and fabulous

Women Technology and Leadership in the New Millennium
The playing field finally got a little more level

Working Internationally
Europe’s top women’s conference just keeps getting better

World's Top Diversity Issue
And it’s not what you think