Diversity in Multicultural Teams: Advantages and Disadvantages
Diversity permits increased creativity
wider range of perspectives
-more and better ideas
-less groupthink
Diversity forces enhanced concentration to understand others’
Increased creativity can lead to generating
better problem definitions
-more alternatives
-better solutions & decisions
Teams can become
more effective
-more productive
Diversity causes a lack of cohesion
Mistrust & Miscommunication
less interaction between team members
-inaccurate stereotyping
-forming of in- and out-groups
-language and translation problems
-less accuracy
more counterproductive behaviour
Lack of cohesion cause an inability to
validate ideas and people
-agree when agreement is needed
-gain consensus on decisions
Teams can become
less efficient
-less effective
-less productive

N. Adler (2002)

In order to gain the advantages and benefits inherent in diverse teams and groups, it is necessary to work through the aspects that bring the additional challenges. Global tmc offers a wide range of programmes geared to development of intercultural and diversity awareness competencies for multicultural, international and virtual teams.

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