The Intercultural Management Challenge

In today’s rapidly evolving business environment, managers are increasingly required to work in an international context. This involves interaction with people from different cultures and working with new and challenging business models. global tmc international  recognises the growing need for outstanding professionals with excellent cross-cultural management competencies and the ability to work effectively in an international, transcultural and knowledge-driven environment.

Certificate in transcultural management

Over the past few decades the field of International Management has gained recognition as an important and distinct discipline, reflected in this programme by the emphasis on combining expertise in international and cross-cultural management aimed specifically at preparing participants for a successful international career.

This management course is intended for professionals with 2-5 years of work experience, and an interest in expanding their horizons towards an international career. Successful participants will be awarded the Certificate in Transcultural Management upon completion. The programme consists of two modules of three days each, with all classes taught in English.

The unique characteristics of this programme are:

• Focus on international management and cross-cultural management competencies

• World-class international faculty and curriculum

• Intensive learning in small groups

• Variety of learning methods

global tmc international

Lead in design and implementation of this programme is global tmc international, market leader in the field of transcultural management training and coaching.


The faculty for this programme will consist of distinguished professionals and academics, all proven long-term associates of global tmc international. All lecturers will have extensive business experience in an international context.

General Information

Programme Duration:  Two modules of three days each (Thursday, Friday, Saturday). This programme can also be arranged in-company.

For more detailed information, contact info@globaltmc.com.