'What I offer my clients is almost 30 years of international management experience in both the public and private sectors. My talent is a unique ability to serve as a cultural synergy specialist, or sensemaker. Acquiring a knowledge of the dos and taboos in other cultures is as easy as opening a search engine these days – the real challenge is to relate these cultural differences to your own living and working situation. With my very extensive experience in living and working in other countries and other cultures, I can offer real insight into understanding the diversity of difference, and adapting to it.'

Mary van der Boon

is Founding Principal and Managing Director of global tmc international management training & consulting headquartered in the Netherlands and Canada. She provides an extensive range of services as transcultural and diversity management strategy consultant to global organisations. Building on studies in journalism and communications in her native Canada, Mary studied anthropology and traditional law at one of Indonesia’s oldest universities and holds an MBA from Leiden University. She is PhD candidate in Management at Amsterdam Business School and adjunct faculty for the University of British Columbia’s Centre for Intercultural Studies. Mary lectures frequently on international management issues, including transcultural management, diversity and women in management, at top business schools and universities in Europe and North America.

She is member of the European Institute for Managing Diversity in Barcelona and regularly conducts programs on diversity management for this institute and others. She is contributing author to the International Handbook of Women and Entrepreneurship as well as to Career in Your Suitcase, a guidebook for international professional women. She is President of the European Professional Women’s Network Amsterdam (, and is on the board of the Netherlands Canadian Chamber of Commerce ( . 

Mary speaks frequently at international conferences, including the Women’s International Networking Conference and Women in Leadership Summit. An active business journalist, Mary is a frequent contributor on international business themes to the Wall Street Journal, XPat Journal, the Eurograduate, and the Women in Management Review. In addition to her native Canadian English, Mary speaks fluent Dutch, Thai, Lao, Malay and Bahasa Indonesia. Mary can be contacted on