Managing Across Borders

The Challenge in working internationally and across cultures in today’s quantum society is that the new issues are no longer of concern only to executives being sent on international assignment, but are a daily reality for many businesses.
  • Complex cross-border joint ventures and technology transfers (50% of today’s M&A activity) require the formation of multicultural and multinational teams, providing the opportunity to capitalise on unique and diverse insight and perspectives
  • International client contacts and account management require increased cultural awareness and flexibility in strategic planning
  • Executives operating in an international business environment need special skills in order to anticipate, recognise and avoid potential cross-cultural problems. These can occur not only when working in the world of global mergers and acquisitions, but also in the local office, where an increasingly mobile workforce means new strategies must be developed in human resource and team management.

The true challenge to global business is to effectively utilise this wealth of expertise, to communicate effectively and to anticipate intercultural difficulties that could delay achievement of corporate goals. Global tmc is committed to assisting its clients in developing strategies to cope with global business challenges, including those of increasing diversity in the workplace.

The Solution that Global tmc offers to intercultural challenges experienced in the workplace is to develop a training strategy specifically designed to meet the identified needs of the group or individual, including training on the principles of intercultural adjustment and management, cultural self-awareness, attitudes toward management, teamwork and the business environment, organisational culture and communication.

See sample programme.