Living Across Borders

In a shrinking, wired, global world there are still many reasons why companies choose to send expatriates rather than hiring locally, including meeting key strategic business requirements, such as the need to establish a business presence quickly in response to rapid market developments and helping to recruit, orient and train new employees. Perhaps most importantly, particularly in international acquisition, expatriates play a strategic role in the transfer of corporate values and culture.

In today’s global business environment international work experience provides many direct and residual benefits to the expatriates themselves. The positive effects an international assignment can have, both on the expatriate’s career and on their personal development, include faster career advancement, development of more marketable skills such as strategic thinking, flexibility and negotiation ability, improved decision-making skills, greater confidence and authority, more maturity and better people management proficiency. Tomorrow’s business leaders are comfortable in the international arena.

The Reality is that experts put the direct cost of long-term assignment failure at euro1 million, including time and money wasted in selection, visits to the location before the executive takes up an assignment, training and relocation costs. Furthermore, unsuccessful expatriate managers and their families suffer major career setbacks and a loss of self-esteem.

Global tmc offers expatriate relocation coaching in the form of regional and country-oriented programs to executives and their families who wish to ensure a smooth transition overseas and increase their chances for personal and professional success. Courses are designed to meet our clients’ needs and are conducted on either a one-to-one or group coaching basis. The aim of this approach is to develop and enhance the expatriate family’s effectiveness in living and working internationally by working with them to develop a personal action plan for their life abroad.

Global tmc works with a highly diverse group of experienced international consultants and trainers with extensive intercultural management and international business expertise. Coaching sessions can be held either pre-departure or post-arrival, depending on the nature of the assignment.

Expatriate Partner coaching program:

An Expatriate Partner coaching program is offered by Global tmc to male and female partners of executives being sent on international assignment (or arriving in the Netherlands). Accompanying partners are coached to help them create career and personal development strategies to maximise benefit from their partner’s career assignment.

See sample programme.