The single greatest barrier to business success is the one erected by culture
Edward and Mildred Hall


  • OD2™ is a new approach to assessing corporate values, culture and organizational fit.
  • 50 per cent of merger and acquisition activity is taking place across borders. Corporations are looking across national boundaries to attract new clients, develop new products and increase competitiveness.
  • Financial and legal due diligence are not enough. Success depends on people working together – cultural distinctiveness is beneficial, but only when it can be harnessed effectively.
  • OD2™ allows corporations to align perceptions and manage expectations, maximizing return on investment and minimizing human capital flight.


  • OD2™ allows an organisation to identify and assess its own corporate cultures as well as that of its joint venture partners.
  • OD2™ provides critical risk analysis of how people and teams come together, identifying synergies, conflicts in management style which could disrupt customer communications, and examining the key attributes of the merging organizations.
  • Corporate partnerships, mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures, global projects and virtual teams all require a detailed analysis of the cultural aspects that will determine how the people and teams involved will come together.


  • OD2™ assesses six distinct and interlocking Cultural Value Indicators™, which together form corporate culture. A researched and documented process of interviews, questionnaires, analysis, comparison and recommendations provides the basis for change and strategic planning initiatives by identifying critical success factors well in advance of potential conflict.
  • The Cultural Value Indicators™ identify management and communication styles, ethics, norms, values and attitudes that can profoundly impact behaviour and performance in the workplace.
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Experienced intercultural management consultants Global tmc, Unique Sources and 2ci have joined forces to develop OD2™, a unique and innovative new tool for assessing corporate and organisational culture.

This distinctive initiative brings together knowledge and vision spanning three decades and five continents, in itself a powerful model of cultural synergy and multicultural collaboration.

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